Felilou's Art Thread

Hi, hallo, salut, xin chào and welcome to my art thread :D
I am Felilou or going with my artist name, AppleJuice127 or Apple for short.
I usually do digital art while changing my artstyle pretty often //:
Aside from my main focus, drawing people, I also draw landscapes (doesn't look too good) and other nature related things. Sometimes I do a bit of spriting but I sometimes just lose a lot of motivation v-v

Here are some artworks of mine:

fanart of one of my favourite songs, Rainfall by TUYU


a secret santa gift


start of a new style due to using another brush, I just left it being a sketch,, person is my one of my ocs


first rendered artwork, the transparency is on purpose, inspiration: If there was an endpoint by TUYU


From now on I will also post my artworks in this thread,... if I don't forget...



Some stuff about my tools:
Started drawing on paper and still do sometimes, anything to sketch/draw on goes
Used to use alcoholic markers, but now I use watercolors

Started with drawing on my phone while just using my finger (Samsung Gala xy S7 to be exact, good ol phone) ((not recommending this method))
I then later used a tablet (a Lenovo one, still used my finger tho) ((still not recommending this))
Around November 2021(or so idrk) I got my first Laptop and got the Huion H640P drawing Tablet
Since December 2022 I draw using my iPad 10th gen with an Apple Pencil which I also use for school

Over the years I mainly used SketchBook (formerly Autodesk Sketchbook) and Krita (on PC), the later isn't that beginner friendly but atleast its free and easy to get used to (:
I recently made some pixel art which I wanted to share. I've been working on it for quite a few months due to lack of motivation. Now I just pulled through and finished it :DDD
I will make this my first custom avatar if I ever get one ((:
I am really proud of this one so
NOONE is allowed to use this unless I know you, still ask me, thanksssss ovo

edit: image didn't load, actually it seems to not load at all
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Here are all of the artworks which i made for smogfight!
It isn't much and our team named PIP (Pyukumuku is peak) got last, but it was still fun anyways.
I could only contribute so many artworks bcuz of school o-0
i really just noticed how bad i can draw eyes of pokemons


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